How Can I Contact Delta Airlines Dulles Airport? IAD Airport

How to contact Delta at Dulles Airport? 

Passengers can contact Delta Airlines' live representative at Dulles Airport by dialing Delta airlines Dulles airport phone number +1-808-751-1212, +1-800-221-1212 and following the IVR instructions that will help you to get in touch with Delta at Dulles Airport.

Press 1 to choose your preferred language. 

Press 2 to airport-related concerns. 

Press 3 for reservation issues. 

Press 4 check-in and additional services. 

Press * to speak with the customer executive. 

Which terminal does Delta use at IAD?

Dulles Airport is presented at the large main passenger Terminal Z gates that connect with two Midfield terminal buildings. And the ticketing facilities are also available at Main Passenger Terminal. To check-in, you must go to the departure Terminal and follow the instructions on your confirmation ticket.

What time does the counter open at Dulles airport? 

Delta Airlines ticket counters are open from 2 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Dulles airport. There you can ask the help related to your delta flight. 

How do I contact Dulles airport? 

Contact the live airport representative if your flight departs from Dulles airport or interchange flight at Dulles airport. Dial the contact number 703-572-8296 or 703-572-2700 if you need to know about the flight status or services offered by the airport for their convenience, like parking and entertainment services.

What number do I call for lost baggage at IAD? 

When flyers have lost their baggage at IAD, you need immediately connect with the airport. Dial customer support for baggage lost and claimed at 703-572-8479. 

What is the TSA phone number at Dulles airport? 

TSA is responsible for the security check of passengers to have a safe flight journey. If you have doubts about what items are prohibited or need special permission, contact the TSA phone at (855) 787-2227.  

How long is TSA waiting at Dulles?

The average wait time is around 26 minutes for TSA wait time to go through security checkpoints. No one can say about the accurate time, as different days have different waiting times. Generally, the airport has fewer crowds on Tuesdays and Wednesdays than Saturdays and Sundays.

Does Delta have curbside check-in at IAD? 

Delta airlines offer curbside check at IAD in almost all US airport locations four hours to 30 minutes prior to flight schedule. But there can be changes in check-in due to departure city and destination. This is a convenient way to check in for your flight to get a seat assigned and a boarding pass. However, this choice is available only if you have a confirmed reservation, even basic economy, and payment can be made with credit and debit cards.

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