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Our Privacy policy

Concerning the best approach to maintaining the privacy of personal information of the customers, provide to the official website of It is committed to bestowing the best privacy policy in treating personal information received about a customer who visits this excellent official travel site at any time. You must submit your personal information if you are willing to visit us at to seek some crucial information for the best travel to your favorite destinations. You can feel free to collect truthful information to make your trip perfect. For that, you must safely share the personal information we use with other websites and be liable to protect your privacy decently.

About the Privacy Policy & promises:

We are required to make content or services from other websites, including our branded website, which is available to assist you at your convenience. Hence, the other website is not subject to this privacy policy. Therefore, you must review this policy to determine your privacy safety ideally. It is crucial to gather, utilize, and disclose personal information to perform our business functions and activities in a determined way. We are excellent at making and managing travel bookings on behalf of our customers who request us with the personal information to book their flight ticket at a particular time.

Hence, we assure you that you are firmly committed to protecting the privacy and confidential personal information that comes with various physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards you can realize decently. Take a look at the Privacy Promise provided to you.

  • It would be best if you assured us with your personal information that we don't reveal to any external organization unless we previously informed the customer in disclosures or agreements required by law.
  • You can protect your privacy with us when you share data like user ID and password, mobile phone number, etc.
  • We always believe in supplying the best and superior service to you by advising the best products, services, and other opportunities that bestow us and our business.
  • Collecting the essential information for the travel, products, and other services from the website after accepting our terms shown on the official sites is crucial.  

Collecting the personal information:

We organize the various types of personal information that you share with our official website spontaneously. Likewise, sharing your confidential information has the connotation given under your local data shield law. Typically, it comes under the GDPR, which is applicable to show off in the travel organization. We provide you the utmost great facility to your travel arrangements and booking with essential travel related to services and products that you can seek with us anytime. Hence, we prefer to collect personal information at, and you must cooperate with us significantly.

  • We collect contact information such as name, residential, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.
  • We gather passport details when you provide them during the booking process.
  • We observe payment account information like Credit and debit card, card & security number, expiry date, etc.
  • We also collect information about your dietary requirements and health issues.
  • You can be observed while doing your activities on our website after accepting the terms and policies which you have to accept genuinely.     

Ways to collect the information:

If you wish to know how we collect personal information, you must provide the following details and enrich your knowledge correctly.

  • There is a purpose that we generally notice specially provided by you for the accurate information.
  • We check the contact information to send email notifications about your new or existing products and services and special offers smoothly.
  • We utilize the best features and services for the new features, products, and services in an outstanding manner.
  • It is essential to register yourself before using our website and become a member to use our products and services, and we get that information appropriately.
  • We are experts in properly combining the information we collect from different sources and providing it to other associated organizations.

Your authority regarding the personal information we collect:

You have certain rights to share the critical and personal information we collect with other websites for business support. You can notice some useful personal information that we collect timely.  

  • When you visit the website, you need to update, alter, or obtain a copy of your personal information that should be correct and up to date.
  • We have the facility to restrict and stop you from using any of your personal information, and you have to accept this consent with us smoothly.
  • You are required to provide accurate information, and you have to agree to update your information when it is asked to do so.
  • It would help if you agree with any changes made by us, and you are required to update your latest information to our security team spontaneously.  

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