Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

You must consent to the terms and conditions while accessing the website to organize and use the materials, products, and services. Likewise, when you endeavor to access the dedicated website of info@faresflex.com using your mobile, laptop, tablet application, or any other feature or another Faresflex platform, you are mandated to be restrained by these terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. After experimenting with these instructions, you must have authentic information for using the services and products. Still, if you don't accept all of these terms, you will not get authorization to use our website smoothly.

You might also get the new website version by the same name, but you can't get the exact details you have observed in the previous terms and conditions. So, you must review the terms and conditions from time to time and agree with the policies you can notice on our website. Suppose you object to the subsequent modification in these terms and conditions and show a dissatisfied feeling with this website. In that case, you might be discontinued from using our website afterward.

We deny selling our travel products: 

You can use our website to search for the best products, services, and other important announcements related to travel at any time. But Faresflex doesn't permit you to own or control any products and services you access through this website. You can expect to get flights, accommodations, travel insurance, rental cars, packages, or other travel-related service on our website at your required time.
The travel providers are responsible for the travel products, and their terms and privacy policies are applied to your booking. For that, agree with the terms and conditions and understand the changes that could make unexpectedly. When you need to get information related to products and services, access them using this website at your own risk at any time. If you face something wrong and happened trouble with you while reserving your hotel or flight or purchasing any products and services, or during your travel, Faresflex would not bear any responsibility.

Booking through Faresflex:

When you need to make a reservation through our reputed website, you have to approach a travel provider who will provide you with complete information for the booking. Our website is a medium of providing you the travel products and services that you can expect from a third-party customer representative team available to provide you with a well-maintained facility for the travel service at any time. Faresflex has no responsibility for the booking and travel products as it is not associated with these services and does not create any description of the travel product in defining the prices and fees. Hence, if you have any issue or dispute with the products and services or do not agree with the cost of the products, agree to address and resolve these things with the travel provider, and you shouldn't blame us for anything.

Understand the Intellectual property:

We are associated with our corporate, the travel providers, and other licensors providing excellent service through our website daily and night. They have owned our website's images, software, trademark, texts, service marks, and other materials. You are advised not to copy, steal, and transmit the data from our website and visit our website for your purpose professionally.
You will view all copyrights, trademarks, notices, and other property rights you can observe on our website will appear on all copies that your print, and you are allowed to do so. You will check the products, services, or company designations on our website that belong to those respective third parties and are maintained on our website for identification proposes only. Hence, your access to our website does not grant you any license or right to use any of the marks included on the website.

Our limited liability:

We are associated with our directors, employees, representatives, officers, shareholders, and affiliates who are permitted by the law in all respects. We have expressed limited liabilities and responsibility for any loss or damages on our website. You will have to accept the limited liabilities except you go for your downloading of any content from our website. We also don't prefer your use of Trips or any injury; death; loss; claim; the act of God; accident; delay; or any direct, special, exemplary, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages while utilizing our website.  

Warranty Disclaimer:

You can expect to get all the contents and services provided on our website. You will get the information for all itineraries you have obtained through trips based on availability. You will find many search results, but we don't prefer to provide you with the details, and don't display all available providers and offers specifically. We don't display the lowest available price every time on the website, and don't give you permission for full details of the products and services that you want to get with us. You must accept all the details you observe on the website and understand the warranty Disclaimer peacefully.

Utilize our website:

It is pretty simple to use our website after registering your account and become a decent user of our website with the help of your contacts and other important information you need to share accordingly. When you become a registered user or make a booking section on the website, check the details in your account. Please keep your password secret when creating an account on our website and secure your necessary data and account information. Share your user ID and password to use our website. You will be responsible for all the activities that sometimes result in stealing helpful information from your account, and for that, we will not be responsible at any rate.

All the information you have provided must be accurate and up-to-date with the present time. If you change any information from your account, update it soon. If you doubt that your account security is no longer safe for everything, you are authorized to change your detail promptly.


When you utilize the trips, you will find the travel information and other important content that you usually transmit, upload, or share with our website using trips. You are not permitted to use the essential trip information and are prohibited from sharing it with another website. You must create backup copies and replace any trip information that you have provided to use at your own choice. You can find it simple to remove the information from the trips at any time, but our license can be affected by the time.

General requirements:

Faresflex can modify the terms and conditions without any prior information on the website. These modifications don't affect rights and obligations while making any changes in the terms. When you start reading the terms and conditions periodically, you notice modified terms that will be subject to the terms in effect at the time of your use. Furthermore, we can change and terminate the agreement under these terms at any time without notifying you in writing to be careful with the general requirements you can view on our website by the time.

Disclaimer: Faresflex is an independent online travel agency without any third-party association. Our main motive is to introduce the latest offers and offer customers a seamless flight booking experience. All the given brand names are only for information purposes. However, the given telephone number/phone numbers/toll-free numbers entirely belong to Faresflex, and we do not claim that we are linked with any airline directly or indirectly. If you have any queries related to the given information, feel free to reach us at support@faresflex.com