How to Contact Delta Airlines at Las Vegas Airport? (LAS)

How To Call Delta Airlines at Las Vegas Airport?

You can contact delta airlines at las vegas airport via phone by dialing Delta airlines Las Vegas airport phone number +1-808-751-1212,  (800) 221-1212. After dialing the number, it will connect you with the customer service executive, who will resolve your query as soon as possible. Delta representative is available 24 hours and seven days.

What terminal is Delta in Las Vegas Mccarran airport?

Once you are at las vegas airport, you need to visit Terminal 1 for the arrival and departure of flights operated by Delta. In some scenarios, terminals get changed, so you can go through the link below to check that. 

What Gates does Delta use at Las Vegas airport? 

Delta uses gate D at Las Vegas airport, located at the upper level of the open lobby area. 

Does Las Vegas airport have a Delta Sky Club? 

At las vegas airport, delta passengers will not find any sky club at the airport terminal, but you can be fortunate if you have a platinum card from American Express. This card will give access to the centurion lounge, located at concourse D. Priority pass members can go through terminals 1 and 3 in club LAS locations. 

How do I contact the Las Vegas airport customer service?

Suppose you need to contact the Las Vegas airport customer service. In that case, you can contact Las vegas airport customer service via the phone call option by dialing 1-866-998-3427 for the United states dial 1-702-492-3902 for international or in Las Vegas.

How to contact Las Vegas airport lost and found?

You can contact the Las Vegas airport lost and found office via the helpline number 702-261-5134. You can provide baggage details to the live person so the staff member can track your baggage and provide your belongings at the right time and place.  

How long does it take to get through Las Vegas airport security? 

You can get through Las Vegas airport security based on the current time (pacific standard time ); according to the las vegas airport authority, you need to wait up to at least 34 minutes on average to go through security checkpoints at LAS. 

What is the busiest time at Las Vegas Airport?

According to the airport authority, the Las Vegas airport security wait times fall on Tuesdays from 6 –7 pm. The busiest time to visit the airport is Sunday because the worst Las Vegas Mc Carran security lines are on Sunday from 6–7 am, during which you have to wait up to 37 minutes.

Where is Delta baggage claim at Las Vegas airport?

AT Las Vegas Airport, you can locate the Delta Airlines flight at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. But you can find the baggage claim area in Terminal 1 near gates A, B, and C.

Is there a Delta Lounge in Las Vegas?

Yes, Delta Airlines has Lounge in Las Vegas. It is available in the name of centurion lounge on the concourse level D. Moreover, it is open daily from 05.00 am to 09.00 pm. Further, you can reach out to Delta customer service in Las Vegas to know more about its relevant details.

How early should I check in at Las Vegas airport?

The check-in schedule of Las Vegas Airport is based on the flight routes. For international flights, you may have to arrive at the airport 45 minutes before its scheduled departure. For domestic flights, appear at the airport three hours prior to their departure.


In conclusion, now you have an answer: How do I contact Delta at Las Vegas airport? You can contact Delta at las vegas airport through online mode, which includes chat, mail, etc.

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