Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Contact Information

How can I contact Delta Airlines for baggage claim?

In case you have lost any carry bag or laptop bag or any other item is missing, else if you are facing a problem with delayed Baggage. But passengers must have a reference or PNR number to help find the luggage. Kindly immediately report the missing item complaint to Delta Representative by calling the Delta baggage claim phone number 800-325-8224, 404-209-3043. 

How do I check the status of my Delta baggage claim?

A passenger who lost their Baggage during a previous flight with Delta filled out the claim form but wants to check the status of Delta Baggage Claim. You must need the PNR or ticket number to check their status, located on the Property Irregularity Report provided by the Airline representative when you report your delayed luggage. To track the claim, follow these steps.

  • First, go to the Delta official website.
  • Scroll the homepage and tap on traveling with us.
  • You should click on Baggage which lies under your luggage.
  • Now passengers must select after their trip and click on Track a claim.
  • Enter the booking details or reference number to track the delayed or lost baggage status.

How do I find my lost baggage on Delta? 

Delta Airlines is known for its low complaints rates related to lost/damaged baggage or any other services. However, exceptions are always there. If you have lost your luggage at Delta Airlines, you can track your bag by calling the Delta baggage service office at 800-325-8224/ 404-209-3043, or you can also visit the baggage section of the Delta s website to see the status of your complaint.

How do I get compensation for Delta's delayed Baggage?

If your bag is delayed or lost due to Airline staff faults, travelers can fill out the Delayed Bag Rebate form to request the needed compensation.

  • To fill out the rebate form, select Baggage on the official webpage of Delta.
  • You must tap on delayed, lost, or damaged Baggage, and you will see the rebate form link, tap on it.
  • Please enter the required information in three steps to submit it.
  • The Airline will check the status and offer compensation.

How long do you wait for baggage claim at Delta?

To claim for lost Baggage, travelers should fill out the claim form within three days after the scheduled flight, and the request must be submitted only after your flight. If any item needs to be added to the Checked Baggage, you should report it within 24 hours for domestic and seven days of international travel.

How much does Delta pay for delayed luggage?

Delta Airlines usually reimburses for reasonable expenses. Generally, it covers the cost of up to $ 50 per day for the starting first five days of delayed Baggage. The reimbursement will be deducted from the final claim settlement if the bag is not located and you must carry all the expense receipts due to the delayed Baggage.

How long does Delta keep unclaimed Baggage?

Airlines generally have 90 days to find the lost Baggage if they cannot find and return a lost baggage claim paid to the customer. If the luggage is in the Airline's possession after 90 days, it will be sold to a third party.

How much does Delta Airlines pay for a lost bag?

If traveler baggage is lost, you can get compensation for the lost item. Delta Airlines is responsible for paying $3800 per ticket passenger for domestic flights or $640 per bag for international flights. You are allowed to demand higher reimbursement.

How do I check my Delta baggage claim?  

Suppose the customer has made a Delta baggage claim and wants to check or track the claim status. Then, they can quickly check the claim using the phone number or the online method. You need to make a call at the official baggage claim contact number. Give a ring at 1-800-325-8224, and then hear the Auto-generated call commands. Then pick out the query option available and connect instantly with the agent. You can also make a call at the alternative number by dialing +1-404-209-3043.

What are my rights if my bag is delayed?

When the passenger's bag gets delayed or lost, they are available with various rights. One can claim compensation from the airline by filling out the claim and compensation available on the airline portal. You can also ask for the PIR, i.e., Property Irregularity Report, and get the write complainant registered.

Does Delta compensate for damaged bags?  

In case of lost baggage, the airline will try to find it; if they cannot, compensation will be provided. Airlines will not provide any compensation for broken zippers, scratches, minor cuts, and pre-existing damage.

How often does Delta lose luggage?  

The airline tries its best to offer the passenger the best premium-class facilities. The motto of the staff of the airlines is mainly on the safety and security of the bag. And, as per the previous record airline, the passenger has not lost any baggage. If they have ever lost the baggage, then full claim and compensation have been provided to the passenger.


Passengers who traveled with Delta lost any item within the Airport, so you can read the above information to know what you can do when you get stuck in such situations.

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