Delta Airlines Infant Policy: Guidelines for Traveling with Babies

What are the infant travel requirements for Delta?

Delta Airlines allow you to take your family and the infants on the travel to your destination. Children and instants can board the flight with their families for free, depending on the destination. Following are the requirements for the infant flight booking.

  • Children under two years of age can board the flight on an adult's lap without any charge. 
  • Although adults can purchase the flight ticket and use the child's seat on the aircraft, according to the FAA. 
  • The newborn baby under seven days cannot travel unless the approval letter from the physician shows permission to fly.

What are Delta Airlines Infant Policy?

There are specific guidelines for flying with an infant under two years of age. Thus, you can read further about Delta Airlines' infant policy and related points.

  • Infants under age two can fly with their adult on their lap for free in domestic travel. In international travel, you need to pay some reduced fare. 
  • According to the FAA requirements, one adult passenger can carry only one infant on the journey. You must purchase an additional seat if you want to travel with two infants. 
  • Passengers under 18 years of age must have a companion for the flight travel. 
  • If you have purchased a separate seat for the infant, you must have an FAA-approved child safety seat. 
  • You must purchase the Delta ticket if the child turns two during the trip.

Does Delta require a birth certificate for infants?

Yes, you need to submit a birth certificate if you will travel with infants. When you add about the infant's travel on your journey, you need to provide proof of the age.

How do I inform Delta of an infant in arms?

When you fly with an infant on your Delta ticket, you must inform them about the travel with the infant in your arms. You can easily add the infant in arms to your ticket using the below simple steps.

  • Firstly, you must proceed to the My Trips section of the Delta Airlines website. 
  • You can enter the booking reference number and the passenger's surname there.
  • Once you get the reservation details, you can choose the special service request option given under the infants in arms section. 
  • With this, you can tap the + icon next to the request infant in arms tab for the flight you wish to travel.
  • You must fill out the essential information as required in the given field. 
  • Once you click the confirm button, you need to make the payment, if any. 
  • They will send you the updated ticket having the infant on your registered email ID.

Does Delta allow strollers for free for a newborn?

Delta Airlines does not charge fees for child restraint seats, strollers, FAA-approved cars, or booster seats. You can carry any of them from the newborn baby on the travel. This will not be applied to your baggage allowance. Stollers can be checked before security or at the gate itself.

What age does Delta consider a minor?

Travelers between the age of 5 to 14 will be considered as unaccompanied minors. If you prefer to fly to your destination under the age 15-17, you must have suitable supervision.

Does Delta require a child consent form?

Passengers traveling with their parents or legal guardians must submit the consent form or the notarized letter with authorization from the other parents. You must also inform about the child's travel during the flight reservation or two hours before the journey.


What does an infant need to fly with Delta? 

Delta allows travelers to carry their infants on their lap or on FAA-approved child safety seats. If passengers are carrying their infants on laps, then they must ensure that they Add infant on Delta to their booking, and if kids are seated on separate seats, then guardians must carry FAA-approved seats that meet all the child safety measures.

Does Delta charge for lap infants?

No, Delta does not charge any additional fee if travelers are carrying their infants on their lap. They just need to purchase tickets for their kids that might cost around 10% of the adult ticket fare. The exact price might fluctuate according to different regions or travel classes.

Do I need to tell Delta I have an infant?

Yes, you must make sure that you add an infant to your booking while making reservations to get a suitable seating option. You can simply go to the “My trips” section if you have already made the booking and click on the special service request. You must tap on “request infant on arm” and confirm your decisions by filling in all the required fields.

Do passengers with babies board first on Delta?

Yes, most Delta Aircrafts enable priority boarding to passengers who are traveling with their kids, that is, who are carrying strollers or car-seats. For the same, it is mandatory that traveler add their infants and purchase their tickets and inform airlines in advance. If you are traveling on Delta with kids under 2 years, you can expect priority boarding.

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