Delta Airlines Pet Policy - Everything You Need to Know

What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

Passengers who want to travel with their pet on a Delta Airlines flight should read the terms and conditions before booking the flight. You can read the Delta Airlines pet policy for better information, and if you face any issues, the representative is available to assist. Below are a few points from the airline's policy regarding pets:

  • Passengers need to provide the necessary paperwork for the pet, including the certificates and documents.
  • The airline only allows cats, dogs, and household birds to travel with them.
  • If passengers travel with a pet, they must complete the check-in process at the airport, where an executive will examine the pet and its carrier.
  • The fee for carrying the pet depends upon the country you are travelling to.
  • The maximum dimension allowed for the pet carrier is (18" X 11" X 11") and your pet must move freely in it.

How much does Delta charge for a pet on the plane? 

To carry a pet with Delta Airlines, you must buy its ticket and pay certain charges. You can go through the mentioned points to get information on the carry-on pet fees:

  • USA, Canada, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico - $95
  • Brazil - $75
  • International Destinations - $200

How strict is Delta with pets?

Delta is very strict with its pet policy, and if any passenger cannot fulfil all the terms and conditions, they might even cancel the pet reservation. The pet carrier must be small enough to fit under your seat but also within the provided dimension limit, and the pet must be able to move freely. The airline has also banned certain breeds of pets from travelling with them.

What paperwork do I need to fly with my dog on Delta?

The passenger needs to provide the required paperwork and fulfil some conditions to travel with Delta, including a vaccine and health certificate. However, you must also remember that the certificate has to be valid or taken within ten days of the scheduled departure.

Can dogs sit on your lap on a Delta plane?

The airline allows the dogs to sit on your lap or to move around in the foot space of the seat during the flight. If the dog is big enough to travel on the lap, then they will be put in the cargo. No passengers are allowed to book an extra seat for their pet.

Does Delta put dogs in cargo?

Dogs who cannot fit inside the provided dimension limit of the pet carrier or are too big will be put in the plane's cargo. The airline recommends that the passengers reach the cargo facility at least 4 to 6 hours before the flight, along with the proper paperwork.

Does Delta transport pets internationally?

The airline only allows dogs, cats, and household birds to travel internationally with them. The passengers need to provide the necessary certificates and follow the country's terms and conditions regarding pets. However, the fee to fly internationally with the airline is around $200.


You would have known everything about the Delta Airlines pet policy and the other necessary details through the given information. If you still require further assistance, head to their official website or communicate with a live representative.

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