Upgrade Your Air France Seat: Policy, Cost, and Procedure

How can I upgrade my seat on Air France?

When you have made your ticket reservations with Air France and are preparing for the flight, but later, you change your mind and want to upgrade the tickets. However, to upgrade your seat tickets, you must know the seat upgrade policy and procedures. However, we will discuss all the details that will enlighten you about the Air France seat upgrade process. To upgrade the seat, you have to go through a simple procedure that we have discussed below:

  • Visit the official website of Air France.
  • Click on the My Booking option given on the homepage.
  • Log in to your account by adding the ticket details, such as the Flying Blue number and email address.
  • Click on Continue and open the account. Get to the Menu to select seat upgrade.
  • A form will appear that you have to fill out with all details.
  • Submit the form after mentioning the premium economy as an upgraded class and make the payment.

What is Air France seat upgrade policy?

Air France's seat upgrade policy includes many points, rules, and regulations. We have discussed the policy below:

  • For a free seat upgrade, you must upgrade the flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • During the seat upgrade procedure, the seat cannot be selected.
  • Seats can be upgraded three hours before the flight, after the check-in, or even on the flight, but you have to pay the higher charges.
  • Loyalty program members can have some concessions on the seat upgrade charges.
  • If you have selected auto upgrade at the time of reservation, the seat will be upgraded once available.

How much does an Air France upgrade cost?

If upgrading a seat with Air France, you must pay a certain amount. These charges depend on the class, route, ticket, and time of upgrade. However, the cost varies from $250 to $500.

Can I use miles to upgrade Air France?

If you have some miles collected from previous journeys, you can do the Air France upgrade seat with miles. It also depends on how many miles you hold, as you might have to pay half the amount, and half the miles will cover. Get to the official website, follow the seat upgrade process, and use miles details while paying.

Is upgrading to premium economy on Air France worth it?

If you upgrade with Air France to premium economy, it will be beneficial in many ways. You will receive upgraded facilities such as baggage allowance, better seats, food choices, etc.


We have discussed and gone through all the details necessary for you to know before you proceed with the Air France seat upgrade. 

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