How Do I Choose a Seat on Air New Zeland?

How Can you choose your seats on Air New Zealand? 

Passengers of Air New Zealand can either select a seat while making flight bookings or make a selection later. If you have booked your tickets already and are wondering about the procedure for choosing your seats, then you can refer to the online steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Air New Zealand website.
  • Retrieve your bookings by navigating to the "manage booking" section and entering the booking reference code and the ticket holder's name.
  • As you get your tickets, you must click on the seat selection option.
  • Pick your favourite sweat option from the available alternatives.
  • If required, make payment and save the changes. 
  • Your selected seat information will be received at your email address.

What is Air New Zealand's seat selection policy?

Several policies must be followed by customers who wish to pick their preferred seat option on Air New Zealand. If you have never made a selection before and are confused regarding the policies, then you must have a look at the following:

  • Seats will be allocated automatically by Air New Zealand if customers fail to pick their option.
  • Emergency seats are not available for every passenger. Especially if you are a minor or pregnant lady, then Air New Zealand does not allow you to reach your destination on this seat. You must fulfil the conditions set by the airline to get this seat option. 
  • Passengers can select seats while making bookings or up to 3 hours before departure for international destinations and 30 minutes for domestic destinations.
  • Seat selection is strictly based on the availability of seats, and customers might have to pay additional charges to book preferred seat options.

What is the Air New Zealand seat selection fee?

Travelers are expected to pay $5-$105 to select seats on Air New Zealand. The exact Air New Zealand seat-selection fee depends upon the selected travel class and destination.

When can I select my seat on Air New Zealand? 

Air New Zealand allows travellers to make seat selections anytime, even after making bookings up to 3 hours before international flight departure. If they have made reservations for domestic destinations, they can pick up seats up to 30 minutes before the flight departure. Travellers can select Air New Zealand seats online or by contacting the airline's representative.

What is a preferred seat on Air New Zealand?

Preferred seats are located at specific locations on Air New Zealand aircraft. These seats are also available with extra legroom.

Are Air New Zealand Economy seats comfortable?

Yes, Air New Zealand economy class seats are comfortable. These seats are best for passengers who wish to complete short-haul trips or for domestic destinations.

Does Air New Zealand have premium Economy seats?

Yes, Air New Zealand provides Premium Economy seats to travellers. Travellers can enjoy a luxurious experience in comfortable cabins to their destinations. Premium Economy seat passengers have more personal space and are entitled to several other benefits such as extendable foot support, complimentary meals, inflight entertainment facilities, etc.


The information presented in the above section must be used by the customers who want to select their preferred seat on Air New Zealand. It is always advisable to pick seats in advance to obtain the preferred option.

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