How to Change Air Canada Flight | Air Canada rebooking Policy

How can you change your flight date on Air Canada?

When you book your flight ticket with Air Canada, you can change your flight date at no charge within five days from your scheduled departure. You can visit the official booking website or contact a travel agent for Air Canada change flight date and cancel your previous flight to reschedule it for a new date and time. To avoid unnecessary trouble, go through the easy method to change your flight date easily.

  • First, visit the booking website of Air Canada and go to the My Bookings tab on the same page.
  • You must enter the flight booking number and last name of the passenger, click on the find button, and view your booking details.
  • Go to the modification and cancellation tab, choose flight data, click the cancel button, and select the new date to reschedule.
  • Enter the new date for the next available flight and reschedule your flight after paying the cancelation fees.
  • Get the message of flight change on your registered mobile phone after changing your flight date conveniently.

How to reschedule a flight by contacting Air Canada?

When you wish to reschedule your flight by contacting the Air Canada representative, dial +1-802-341-3449 / 1-888-247-2262 and share your booking details. You will get a convenient facility to request for rescheduling your flight after cancellation and pay the cancelation charges. A travel agent will assist you in getting the next available flight to reschedule over a phone call conveniently.

What is the flight change policy for Air Canada?

If you wish to change your flight on Air Canada, you must read the change policy and avoid unwarranted doubts easily. Get the essential points for Air Canada's change flight policy and complete the flight change task without disruption.

  • Passengers can change their flight ticket within 24 hours before departure and avoid paying extra charges.
  • When you wish to change your travel plans, you can make a one-time change without paying any charges.
  • If you booked your flight ticket using flight pass credit, you can change your flight at no cost and make significant changes.
  • When you find some issue like suspension of Visa and have booked a flight during the affected period, you can change your flight within 2 hours before departure.

Can you change an Air Canada flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can change your flight on Air Canada within 24 hours without paying any extra charges.

Can Air Canada waive the change fee?

When you travel with Economy Latitude, Premium Economy Flexible, and Business or First-Class Flexible reward fares, you can quickly expect to get waived flight change and cancellation fees with Air Canada.

What can I do if Air Canada changes my itinerary?

When Air Canada changes your itinerary, you can send a request to rebook a different flight online or contact a travel agent soon. You can also ask for a refund from an Air Canada representative. 


If your travel plan is affected and you want to know how to change your Air Canada flight, you can retrieve your booking by going through this information or contacting a travel agent instantly.

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