How to Change Your Flight Ticket with Frontier Airlines?

How  can I change my flight with Frontier Airlines?

If you already booked your reservation with Frontier Airlines and want to change your travel date or time, you must be wondering how to change Frontier Airlines flight. If a passenger is willing to change their flight, that can be quickly done with Frontier Airlines' flight change policy. The steps for the online process are as follows.

  • Visit Frontier Airlines' official website. 
  • Click the 'Manage booking' option given on the homepage. 
  • Enter your reservation number and passenger's last name and enter search. 
  • Your flight details will start showing; click on 'Change flight.'
  • Follow the instructions given on your screen and confirm. 

How much does it cost to change flight dates on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines may charge a fee whenever you change your flight with them. According to the policy, fees may vary on the ticket/fare type purchased by the passenger and the number of days left for the scheduled departure.

  • No fee will be charged for the change made 90 days before the flight's departure. 
  • For the change made between 14 to 89 days, a fee of $49 is charged. 
  • For the change made in less than 13 days, $99 is charged as a fee.  

What is Frontier Airlines' flight change policy?

Passengers willing to change the flight must adhere to Frontier Airlines flight change policy before proceeding.

  • If changes are made within 24 hours of booking or 90 days prior to the travel, changes must be made for free. 
  • Changes must be made before 3 hours the flight departure. 
  • Passengers can change their flights multiple times, but a fee will be charged whenever you decide to change. 
  • Changes can be made online or by visiting the airport. 
  • Flight change on Frontier Airlines is subject to availability. 

How Do I Contact Frontier Airlines to change a flight?

Frontier Airlines offers excellent customer service to its passengers traveling with them. If you want to contact Frontier Airlines to change a flight, dial (801) 401-9000 and provide the necessary information to change your flight date or time with the help of a Frontier Airlines representative. They provide services 24/7.

Can I change my Frontier flight to an earlier time?

Passengers can prepone or postpone their flight on Frontier Airlines according to the airline's flight change policy.

How many times can I change my flight with Frontier Airlines?

You can change your flight multiple times on Frontier Airlines. Each time you change your flight, a fee must be charged according to the policy.

Can I Change My Frontier Flight for Free?

Frontier Airlines may charge for the services. If you are willing to change your flight with them, a fee must be charged that may vary on the time you decide to change and also the fare type you booked. If you want to change your flight for free, changes must be made 90 days prior to the flight departure.


All you need to know about how do I change my flight on Frontier is the above information. If you need further assistance with Frontier Airlines services, visit their official website to resolve it.

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