How Can You Change Your Name on a Delta Flight Ticket?

How do you change your name on Delta?

There are specific ways through which the passengers can proceed to make the name correction on Delta Airlines online through the official website or ask the agent at the help desk. The steps to make the name correction online through the official website are mentioned here.

  • To change your name on Delta, you must go through the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Once you get onto the official page, click the 'My Trip' option and enter the PNR number and the passenger's last name to proceed further. 
  • Once you enter the required details, you must look for the name change option. 
  • Once you get onto the name correction form, you must make the necessary correction and provide them with the government-approved ID to support their name correction. 
  • Once the process is complete, you'll be redirected to the payment page, where you need to pay for the correction, if applicable. 
  • Once the process is complete, a confirmation will be sent to your email along with the e-ticket with your rectified name. 

What is Delta Airlines' name change policy?

Travelers must follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the Delta Airlines name change policy. Some of them are mentioned here for you. 

  • The passengers didn't have to pay a single penny if they wanted to make the name correction up to the three characters. 
  • They can change their surname in case of marriage or divorce, provided the passengers must submit their marriage.
  • If the passengers have made the book in their nickname and want to switch it to the official name, they must also provide the documents. 
  • If the passengers travel under mils membership, they can also proceed for the name chase for free.

What is the cost of a name change on Delta?

Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines need to pay up to $125 for the name correction made within the initial 24 hours of booking. The correction made after 24 hours will cost you $ 275, and you also need to submit the necessary documents supporting the name correction. 

How long does it take for Delta to change its name?

The airlines have up to 24 hours counted after the time passengers have submitted a government-approved ID that shows the name which you want correct in your ticket. The airlines even consider the weekend time at work and try to resolve the issue within 24 hours from the time the passengers have applied for name correction. 

Why does my Delta ticket have my first and middle names together?

It can happen as some airlines do not have a middle name field in the reservation form, which is the case with Delta Airlines. So, when the passengers receive their tickets after the reservation process, their first and middle names get squished together, which is not a major issue, and the travelers do not have to proceed to make the name correction. 

How can I change my name on a Delta flight for free?

Travelers can proceed to make the name correction in their flight ticket for free if they only want to correct the spelling to up to three characters. They can also process to make the name correction if they have made the booking under the Delta SkyMiles Loyalty Program.  


The information above will be enough for you to understand how do I change my name with Delta. And for more information and details, feel free to contact the customer service representative at 1 (802)-801-1212 and ask them for the necessary information.

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