How Do I Change the Date of the Ryanair Flight?

How can I change my flight date with Ryanair?

Many passengers cannot board Ryanair flights on scheduled dates due to changes in plans or unavoidable circumstances. These travelers have the option to make flight changes if their plan changes prior to the departure date. However, sometimes due to insufficient flight date change information, customers fail to make changes. If you are also searching for similar information, you can go through the important curated information below. 

The process to change flight date on Ryanair:

Those ticket holders who want to make date changes on already existing tickets must go through the points given below:

  • Go to the Ryanair website 
  • To make a date change, click the "My-bookings" section.
  • You must insert a reservation number and email address to retrieve your booking.
  • Finally, when you come across your booking, you must click the "date-change" option.
  • If flights are available on your selected date, you can make changes and save them carefully.
  • If required, make the remaining payment or required fee.
  • Finally, the flight date change message will be delivered to your phone number. 

How much does a Ryanair flight change cost? 

Many ticket holders need clarification about the fee they must pay Ryanair to make flight changes. These travelers must note that the flight change fee depends on the time you make changes and other factors like traveling distance and your fare type. You must pay Ryanair for flight change, approximately $30-$150 for one one-way flight. However, this fare might fluctuate depending on the parameters mentioned above. 

What is Ryanair's policy for changing a flight? 

Customers must always go through Ryanair flight change policies to ensure clarity in making flight changes. Some important flight-change policies are given below:

  • If any customer or ticket holder requests a flight change after 24 risk-free hours, he must pay a flight change fee to Ryanair. 
  • Flight changes are only permissible up to 2.5 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Flight changes can only be allowed if selected flights are available.
  • To change flights, passengers must make differential payments to the airlines.
  • If Ryanair delays your flight, you can make flight changes after canceling your initial reservation. 

How to change a Ryanair flight for free? 

If you want to change Ryanair flight for free, then you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must make flight changes within the initial 24 hours of making reservations.
  • If you are a Business-class Ryanair ticket holder or loyalty program member, then you can change your flight before departure for free.
  • You can also make flight changes for free if you have medical conditions and provide supporting documents to the airline in advance. 

Can I change my Ryanair flight date after check-in? 

Yes, if you had check-in online, then you can make flight date changes after contacting customer care services using your phone number: 

Can I change the name on my Ryanair flight? 

If you have purchased Ryanair flight tickets and wish to make name changes, you can make specific changes to your name after providing validating documents.

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