Lufthansa Compensation Request: How to Claim & Eligibility

Does Lufthansa pay compensation? 

Lufthansa is a Germany-based airline that deals with flight carriers that carry millions of passengers to different destinations at affordable rates. Suppose you have booked a flight but canceled it for a valid reason or the airline authority has missed or canceled it, then you may receive Lufthansa compensation from the airline team. You can get the compensation after requesting it from the airline authority. You can move further in this article to learn about the compensation process.

How do I contact Lufthansa for compensation?

You can contact the Lufthansa customer service team for compensation through phone call options. It is a fast and effective way to connect with the customer service representative by dialing Lufthansa compensation phone number  +1 (516) 738-4422, available 24 hours and seven days. After dialing the number, you can provide your details so the team will help you submit the compensation request.

How long to wait for Lufthansa's compensation?

Once you request the Lufthansa compensation, the airline authority will process your request and pay out the compensation in an average of 8 weeks ( 55 days ). Sometimes, it depends on the type of payment you have made for purchasing the flight ticket. If you have made a booking through online payment, then you may get compensation within a few days. Otherwise, it may take some time.

How much compensation does Lufthansa give?

Lufthansa provides compensation based on the route distance listed below so that you can keep updated on your airline.

  • According to Lufthansa, if the flight is under 1500 km, you will receive compensation up to 250$ per person, and for internal flights over 1500 km, compensation will be provided up to 400$ per person. 
  • For internal flights traveling between 1500 to 3500 km, you will get compensation of up to 400 $. If it is a noninternal flight traveling over 3500 km, the compensation is up to 600$ per person.

How do I know if my Lufthansa flight is eligible for compensation? 

You can check if the flight is eligible for compensation if the flight was canceled less than 14 days prior to the departure of the flight. You can request compensation if you are denied boarding, and the fault is not yours. You can check the eligibility by connecting with the customer service executive at the helpline number +1 (516) 738-4422. The number will connect you with the executive, who will let you know about the status of your compensation.

How much compensation for a canceled Lufthansa flight? 

Per the Lufthansa rules and regulations, if your flight to or from Europe gets canceled less than two weeks before the departure flight schedule, you might be eligible for compensation for a delayed flight and cancellation up to 600$ per passenger. You need to keep your canceled flight details correct to share the documents on time.


You can rely on this article for Lufthansa's compensation request and retrieve the best information. Feel free to contact the team via the above-written toll-free number.

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