How Can I Book a Flight on Copa Airlines?

How do I make a reservation on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is one of the leading airlines in Panama that spans over 75 destinations in 30 countries. The airline provides excellent customer service to its passengers on board with refreshments, inflight entertainment, comfortable seats, and more. Along with these facilities, the airline offers exceptional customer support. So, if you plan to make a Copa Airlines reservation, you will experience a hostile environment and a relaxed journey. There are several ways to make your reservation on Copa Airlines.

  • Book your tickets online by visiting the official website on the web browser. 
  • Call an agent from the airline to seek assistance from them to book your flight. 
  • Purchase your tickets directly at the airport. 
  • Book your tickets via a travel agency or a third-party site.

How far in advance can you book on Copa Airlines?

If you plan to book a flight with Copa Airlines, you can make your reservation up to one year before departure. Booking your tickets in advance can cost way cheaper, and is flexible with making changes and cancellations with their change and cancellation policy. 

What is Copa Airlines' customer service number to book a flight?

Suppose a passenger needs to book a flight on Copa Airlines by contacting their customer service. In that case, You may call Copa Airlines customer service at 1 786 840 COPA (2672), available between 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

Do I have to select a seat on Copa Airlines?

After the passengers make Copa Airlines flight reservations, they are assigned a seat by the airline at check-in time. So passengers only have to select a seat once and if they want one. Passengers can choose the seats according to them by paying extra. The cost of the seats varies with location. For instance, window and aisle seats are more expensive than the seats in the middle. 

What does Copa business class include?

Copa Airlines business class seats offer many benefits, which are listed below.

  • Passengers are given priority with check-in and baggage handling. 
  • Extra baggage can be carried as compared to economy class. 
  • Access to Copa Club and other airlines lounges. 
  • Bonus miles for the Copa ConnectMiles program. 
  • In-flight services with beverages, meals, pillows, blankets, and entertainment on 4K screens. 
  • At last, extra comfortable seats and more legroom on flight. 

How can I upgrade to business class on Copa Airlines?

Passengers willing to upgrade their seats from economy to business class can pay a fee or use the Miles points. The seat upgrade fee may vary depending on the destination the passenger is traveling to. You can easily upgrade your seat by requesting an upgrade on the official site's 'Manage my booking' section or speaking live with an agent from the airline. 

Do I need to print my boarding pass for Copa Airlines?

It is not necessary to print your boarding pass for Copa Airlines. You can show your e-ticket and boarding pass through your phone during security check or at the counters at the airport. 


The information above answers all the questions you need to know about your reservation with Copa Airlines. You may avail of the airline's customer services with the help of accommodating and knowledgeable staff members ready to help you with any of your issues/queries. For more information, visit the official website or speak with an agent.

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