How to Cancel Air China Flight: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I cancel my Air China flight ticket?

After making the reservation with Air China due to some unavoidable situation, if you need to cancel your flight, then it is easy. You can cancel the flight ticket by using the online procedure. To use this medium, you need to go through the steps as per described below:

  • Navigate to the official web link of Air China.
  • At the top of the homepage, under the Booking Management tab, you must click the Flight Cancelation option.
  • Fill out the Booking reference code and the last name in the following section.
  • Tap on the search button.
  • All the details of the flights will be fetched on your screen, and you need to select the ticket you need to cancel.

Can I contact Air China to cancel a flight? 

You can use the phone call process to search for How to cancel an Air China flight. You need to call the customer support number at +1-800-882-8122, follow the instructions, and provide information to cancel your flight ticket quickly.

Does Air China have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Before canceling your flight ticket, you must have complete information regarding the rules and regulations to avoid any inconvenience on your journey. Air China flight cancellation policies are outlined below:

  • For most tickets, passengers can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation fees.
  • After 24 hours, cancellation fees may apply depending on the type of ticket purchased and how close to the departure date the cancellation is made.
  • Passengers who have purchased a refundable ticket can cancel their reservation at any time before the flight's departure and receive a full refund.
  • However, non-refundable tickets are subject to cancellation fees, which can vary depending on the ticket type and time of cancellation.

When can you cancel an Air China flight?

If you've booked a flight with Air China and need to cancel it for any reason, you may wonder when you can do so without incurring any penalties or fees. According to Air China's cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking without any fees. After 24 hours, however, cancellation fees will apply and will vary depending on the type of ticket you purchased and how close to the departure date you are.

How much does it cost to cancel an Air China flight ticket?

The cancelation fees depend on the ticket under which the passenger made the reservation.

  • You must pay at least 75 dollars if you cancel the domestic flight.
  • The passengers who cancel international flights then have to pay approximately 100 dollars.

Is the Air China ticket refundable?

Yes, Air China tickets are refundable if you cancel them seven days before the departure or within 24 hours of the booking.


You can cancel the Air China ticket by using the procedure mentioned above. You can also connect with the representative if you still have any queries.

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