How to Contact American Airlines About Lost Baggage?

How do I find my lost luggage on American Airlines?

Traveling to your desired destination with American Airlines is always beneficial as they will provide you with different services and immunities. After reaching the airport and before completing your journey, If you have lost your luggage or if you found your luggage damaged, then you can call on the American Airlines lost baggage phone number and talk to the representative, and they will assist you.

How do I call American Airlines about lost baggage?

You can contact American Airlines regarding your lost baggage through the baggage claim phone number 800-433-7300 and talk to the representative. Below is mentioned the process to reach an airline for lost luggage:

  • Dial the American Airlines baggage claim number.
  • After that, choose any language for assistance.
  • Wait until the time you get a hold of a representative at the airline.
  • Then provide the flight details and explain your situation. 

How long does it require for an American to find my lost luggage?

The time taken by American Airlines to provide your lost baggage is five days after applying for a complaint, and if you do not get any response from the airline's representative within five days, then you have to contact the representative, and they will give you the 13 digit code which is your claim number.

Does the American pay for lost luggage?

Yes, American Airlines pay compensation if they lose any passenger luggage, and the amount of the settlement will vary as per the number of bags. To get the compensation, you must apply by visiting the airline's website and connecting with their representative.

How much compensation can I get for delayed luggage?

If your luggage is delayed or damaged by American Airlines, you can claim compensation from the airline. As per the US Department of Transportation, if any airline delays the baggage of a passenger, then they are entitled to compensation of around $1000 to $3000 depending on the destination and time from the delay.

How do I ask American Airlines for compensation?

You can claim compensation if the flight is canceled or delayed or the airline loses your baggage. You can connect with customer support and provide them with your ticket details; they will verify the details and compensate you.

How long does American Airlines hold lost items?

Any lost item can be found at the lost and found department at the airport. American Airlines holds the lost item for 90 days; if passengers do not reclaim it within the period, the airline will donate or sell it. You can contact customer service to get information about your lost item, provide the relevant proof, and the airline will return the item.

How common is it for American Airlines to lose luggage?

American Airlines is known for on-time delivery of correct luggage to particular passengers only. But, in some exceptional cases, this loss of luggage can occur, and it has significantly less in number, like 6 or 7 out of 1000 approximately. American Airlines ensures that the correct bagger goes into the right hands immediately. Also, the airlines provide hassle-free flight services in terms of luggage.

Can I sue American Airlines for lost luggage? 

American Airlines have specific terms and conditions for luggage policies. So, every traveler using their flights must notify them and file a claim from their official website. The concerned team who watches lost luggage and settles it will help. Also, American Airlines must pay approximately less than the maximum of up to $3,300.

How do I make a damaged luggage claim to American Airlines?

Travelers can claim damaged luggage through their official websites. Also, they can even use the American Airlines baggage claim phone number, +1(800) 433 7300, to talk with agents and get a resolution. Follow some points to claim for luggage. The executives will analyze passengers' luggage information and assist travelers with available satisfactory solutions.


After going through the given information, you must have gained knowledge regarding lost and delayed baggage of American Airlines. Furthermore, if you need assistance regarding anything else, you can contact customer service, who will assist in resolving the issue.

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