How can I contact LOT Polish Airlines?

How do I call LOT Polish Airlines? 

Lot Polish is an air carrier in Poland that provides a luxurious experience to its passengers by keeping in mind their comfort and safety. In case you have booked a flight with LOT Polish Airlines and want to know the services offered by the airline. You can consult with LOT Polish Airlines through LOT Polish Airlines' phone number, 1(212) 789-0970, and get the necessary help. 

Does LOT Polish Airlines offer live chat? 

Yes, LOT Polish Airlines does offer live chat to the passengers in case they need quick assistance. The passengers are, however, instructed to follow the below-given guidelines to initiate the live chat:

  • Initially, you need to go to the "help center" page of LOT Polish Airlines.
  • Then, scan through the page and hit the live chat icon.
  • Type in the booking information, the query, and other details in the message inbox.
  • Submit your response. The live chat assistant will go through the concern and provide a solution to it immediately.

When can I contact LOT Airlines? 

You can easily get in touch with the LOT Polish Airlines customer service through the official phone number at any time and on any day of the week. However, it would be appropriate to try reaching out to them during the early morning hours or late at night to avoid peak calling hours to get a correct flight response. 

Contact LOT Polish Airlines via social networks.

You can also communicate with LOT Polish Airlines using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You need to follow the social media account for this reason. The social media agents are responsible for looking after the airline's accounts. They resolve the queries posted by the passengers on their social media accounts and try to upgrade the airline's services.

How do I contact LOT at Warsaw Airport?

Suppose you want assistance regarding check-in and boarding-associated queries or want to inquire about the services offered by the airline. You can discuss with the LOT Polish live officials representative at the Warsaw airport and get the necessary assistance. You need to dial the official phone number of LOT Polish Airlines, +48 22 577 77 55, and provide all the essential information to ease the solution-finding process.

How do I complain to LOT Airlines?

Sometimes, you might need help addressing your grievances through phone calls to get the desired response. In this circumstance, you can raise a ticket through a complaint form and immediately get your complaints sorted out. You are advised to adhere to the below-given instructions to file a complaint: 

  • Browse through the official portal of LOT Airlines.
  • Scroll through the page and click on the "list of forms" available.
  • Select the type of query that you want to raise a ticket for.
  • Type in the booking details and other crucial information. The airline agent will review the concern and get back to you with a suitable answer soon.


You might now have clarity about the information mentioned above about the different channels of getting through LOT Polish customer service. If you want more information, please go through its official website.

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