How Do I Get Compensation for Delayed Flight?

How do I claim delayed flight compensation?

If an Airlines delay or cancel your flight, then Passengers can claim delayed flight compensation using the methods given below.

  • Through Compensation Form
  • By calling a representative

Through Compensation Form:

You can claim compensation online to save time standing in a queue at the airport. You can do it anywhere through your phone or laptop by replicating the steps below.

  • Open the website of your airline.
  • Reach the Refunds page of the website.
  • Click the Claim/ Compensation tab to open the Form.
  • To submit it, fill it in with the details like name, email, phone, flight number, booking reference, route, etc.
  • You will receive the compensation amount once your claim is settled.

By calling a representative:

You can also claim compensation by calling your airlines. Dial the number and choose the refunds option. Share your booking details with the representative so that they can escalate your claim. They will disburse the amount once your claim is settled successfully.

How long does my flight have to be delayed before I can claim compensation? 

The exact time depends on the airline you booked your ticket for. Usually, you can claim compensation if your flight gets delayed for more than 5 hours. You can also claim compensation for the reasons listed below.

  • You can claim compensation if you missed your adjoining flight due to a delay in one of the legs and arrived more than 5 hours late to your final destination. 
  • You can claim compensation if your airlines deny boarding due to Overbooking.
  • You can claim compensation if your airline is responsible for the delay for Operational reasons.

What expenses can I claim for a flight delay? 

Along with compensation, you can also be entitled to extra expenses to be borne by the airlines, such as food, transportation, hotel, etc. If you are a transfer passenger and missed your adjoining flight due to a delay in the first leg, you are entitled to a flight back to your original departure point in the same or upper travel class.

How long can an airline legally delay a flight? 

The exact time can not be calculated as it depends on the reason for the delay. However, a delay of 3-4 hours is typical. Some of the common reasons for a flight delay are as follows.  

  • Your flight can be delayed due to Adverse weather or a change in Air Traffic.
  • Your flight can be delayed due to Operational Reasons like a mechanical breakdown, a problem in the aircraft, or insufficient staff.
  • Your flight may also be delayed due to an Airline strike.

Do I need insurance to claim for a delayed flight?

No, insurance is not required to claim for a delayed flight, as it is the responsibility of the airlines to look after the passenger's rights. If you have insurance, it's well and good; otherwise, you can claim compensation by filling out a form on the refunds page of your airline's website or by calling a representative.

Can I appeal for a refund if my flight is delayed 5 hours?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund if your flight gets delayed for more than 5 hours and you no longer want to travel. You need to fill out a refund form after canceling the flight that is available on the customer support page of your airline's website.

What are the rules if the flight is delayed? 

If your flight gets delayed and you don't need to travel anymore, then you can cancel your flight and ask for a full refund. You are also entitled to compensation if your flight is delayed by more than 5 hours.

Bottom Line

Hence, the abovementioned ways can answer the question: How to claim for delayed flight? If it doesn't, you can directly call your airlines to get the required information or help, as it is the quickest way to reach them.

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