How Do I Select Seats on Frontier Airlines?

How to select a seat on Frontier Airlines? 

If you like to choose a seat on your flight to enjoy the journey with the comfort of your desired seat but looking for the Frontier Airlines seat selection after making the reservation, below is the procedure to choose a seat online. 

Online Procedure of Frontier Airlines Seat Selection

  • Go to the Frontier Airlines website on your device,
  • Choose the "My Trip/Check-In" tab,
  • Then put the Last Name and Confirmation Code in the columns,
  • Hit the search button, and your itinerary will open,
  • Now you have to look for the Seat Selection option on the itinerary page,
  • Tap the option to view the Seat Selection Map,
  • Pick a seat of your choice from the availability of seats,
  • Then you need to make payment for the selected seat,
  • After that, your seat will be assigned on the Frontier Airlines flight. 

So this is the procedure you need to acquire for selecting a seat online on your booked Frontier Airlines flight. You may also ask a representative at the airport before check-in for a desirable seat, and they will assign the same if available. 

How much does picking a seat on Frontier Airlines cost? 

The cost of picking a seat on Frontier Airlines ranges between $17 to $ 55. The cost depends on the fare type of the flight, the flying destination, and the seat you choose on the flight. 

What is Frontier Airlines' seat selection policy?

If you would like to learn about the seat selection policy of Frontier Airlines, here are the policies mentioned:

  • You can select a seat of your choice on Frontier Airlines during the reservation, after that, until 45 minutes before departure, or at check-in time.
  • The charges for a seat selection needed to be paid depending on the seat type.
  • If you reserve the flight online, you must choose your seat online. 
  • The seat will be assigned based on availability. 

How does Frontier decide seats? 

Frontier Airlines assigned seats per the preference of the flyers who had already selected their flight seats. The rest of the seats were assigned randomly or based on the age group bookings before opening the check-in at the airport.

How to get the best seat on Frontier without paying? 

Several ways can help you to get the best seat on Frontier Airlines without even paying, and that is:

  • Check-In Early: If you want to get the best seat, then check-in for your flight the earliest, and the more you delay the check-in, the least preferable seat you will get on Frontier. 
  • Join Loyalty Program: The members of the loyalty programs of Frontier Airlines get the best seats even without paying the additional charges.
  • Use Miles: Frontier Airlines provides miles to the passengers on the flight purchase that you can use to select a seat of your choice on your booked flight. 


Q1. Do you get to pick your seats on Frontier? 

Yes, you can pick your seats on Frontier Airlines before printing your boarding pass. 

Q2. What rows are stretch seating on Frontier? 

The third and fourth row of the flight is stretch seating on Frontier Airlines. 

Q3. Are Frontier seats plus-size friendly? 

No, most of the seats on a Frontier flight are not plus-size friendly. You may need to choose a seat with extra legroom to fly comfortably. 

Q4. Does Frontier usually seat families together?

Yes, Frontier usually assigned the seats of the family members together. But it also depends on the availability of the unselected seats on the flight.

Q5. Does Frontier let you pick seats at check-in?

If traveling with Frontier Airlines, you must want a seat. Getting a seat is easy at Frontier Airlines, but they assign seats to the passengers for which you do not have to pay the charges. Frontier allows you to pick the seat you like but demands charges.

Q6. How to get free seat selection on Frontier?

You can go through Frontier Airlines' seat selection for free at Frontier Airlines. If you are well enlightened about this, then it will become easy for you to select a seat at Frontier:

  • The members of the Frequent Flyer Program of the Airline will be given advantages and can select seats without any cost.
  • If you booked your tickets from Business or First Class, you can select the seat free of cost at Frontier.
  • If you have collected some miles and vouchers, then you can use them to pay the seat selection charges at Frontier Airlines.

Q7. What happens if you don't pick your seats on Frontier?

If you do not pick the seats you like on Frontier, then the Airline will assign you seats with many disadvantages, such as being unable to get the seat you want and not sitting with your family or friends as the Airline assigns random seats.

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