Select Your Seat on Singapore Airlines | Seat Selection Guide

How do I select a seat on Singapore Airlines?

Selecting a seat on Singapore Airlines is a straightforward process that can be done online, through the airline's mobile app, or by contacting their customer service team. If you're booking a new ticket, select your preferred seat during the booking process. If you've already booked your ticket, you can still select your seat by logging into your booking through the airline's website or mobile app. Once you're logged in, click on the "Seat Selection" tab to view available seats and select the one you want. You can also use this tab to purchase seat upgrades with extra legroom or other amenities.

What is Singapore Airlines' seat selection policy? 

To choose a preferred seat, you can go through the seat selection policy, which will help you with the terms and conditions you must abide by. The guidelines of the policy are as follows: 

  • Within 24 hours of the purchase, you can choose seats for free if you go through the seat selection process. 
  • You must choose seats in the same class where you have made the booking. 
  • The process of seat selection depends on the availability of seats. 
  • Premium or business class passengers can choose seats without a seat selection fee, irrespective of the fare rules.

Can I change my seat selection on Singapore Airlines? 

If you are looking forward to making changes to the seat, you will have to go through the change process by following the steps as follows: 

  • From the webpage of Singapore Airlines,, retrieve your booking. 
  • Tap on the change option from the menu icon list. 
  • From the change drop-down, choose the seat selection option. 
  • This will take you to the seat map. Choose the new seat and click on Proceed. 
  • Then, make the required payment after filling in the other details on the change form. 
  • On confirmation, you shall receive an email to your registered email address. 

Does Singapore Airlines charge for seat reservations? 

Yes, you will have to pay for the seats you select on Singapore Airlines if the booking made is not a business class reservation. You will not have to pay an additional seat selection fee if you choose a seat within 24 hours of the purchase. The seat selection fee can range from $8 and exceed $200 to $300. The fee shall vary depending upon the choice of seat. 

How do I see what seats are available on Singapore Airlines? 

You can go through the seat map from the booking summary page to learn about the available seats on Singapore Airlines. The seat map will show the details of the type of seats, available seats, and booked seats. Go through the map and avail of the required details. 

Can I choose my seat after booking a flight with Singapore Airlines? 

Yes, you can choose a seat after booking a flight through the seat selection process of Singapore Airlines. You can retrieve the booking from the official website and select the required seat.

How to get free seat selection on Singapore Airlines? 

According to the Singapore Airlines seat selection policy, you can benefit from a complimentary seat selection anytime. You may select the seats in advance for gratis or choose an extra legroom for free. You may choose any available economy class seat for free at online check-in 48 hours before the flight departure schedule.

Do you have to select seats with Singapore Airlines? 

Yes, you have to select the seats with Singapore Airlines for a better journey, and you can choose the best possible seats, such as near the window; if you are an unaccompanied minor, you will get the seats near the emergency exit. You can also choose the front row seats to be the first while receive the meals. 

What happens if I don't select a seat on Singapore Airlines?

If you do not choose the seats in advance, the airline authority will provide you a complimentary seat from the available option once you complete your check-in process. You will get the standard seat option, and if you want a special seat option, you need to pay some price for extra legroom comfort.


Hopefully, the information has helped you best with your Singapore Airlines seat selection queries. If you still have other issues with the airline, you can get through the webpage or connect with Singapore Airlines' executive for your queries.

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