Jetblue vs Delta : Full Airlines Comparison | Which is better?

Who is better to fly with, Delta or JetBlue?

Delta and JetBlue are in a neck-to-neck competition in the aviation industry. Both airlines have a lot to offer, and if you need to pick one, you have been questioning everyone," Is Delta better than JetBlue" You may want to look at your priorities first, and it will be easy to choose one. If you prefer comfortable seats with excellent inflight entertainment, you may opt for JetBlue. For those who travel a lot and like to have the option to choose from an extensive network of flights across the globe, you can go for Delta Airlines.

Is Delta more comfortable than JetBlue?

Yes, Delta may be more comfortable as compared to JetBlue. Delta offers more facilities to the passengers, but the tickets are pricier as compared to the fares at JetBlue.

Why is Delta better than JetBlue? 

Delta is better than JetBlue due to its exceptional customer service, and the airline is highly reliable regarding safety, security, and punctuality. If you are a loyal customer, Delta Airlines rewards frequent flyers in a better way than JetBlue.

Are JetBlue seats bigger than Delta? 

JetBlue Airlines seats are bigger than Delta, and the former offers much better comfort in terms of seating. JetBlue offers wide seats with extra legroom with a seat pitch of 34 inches which is more than any other airline can offer. In comparison, Delta Airlines falls short on seat width and pitch, only 31-32 inches.

Is Delta considered the best airline? 

No, Delta is not considered the best airline. However, it is one of the best airlines in the U.S. As per most passengers' reviews, the overall experience of flying with the airline can be wonderful and memorable.

Why is Delta so much more expensive than JetBlue? 

Delta is much more expensive than JetBlue as Delta offers various facilities and amenities to the customers along with more destinations to select from, which adds to the ticket fares.

JetBlue is a low-cost airline, but you may only get additional service for a fee as the tickets are cheap.

What are the benefits of flying with Delta? 

  • There are many benefits to flying with Delta. Some are listed below and can vary depending on the ticket type and route.
  • You can enjoy flying in the leading cabin economy at a lower price, along with complimentary entertainment, and you may opt for an upgrade to preferred seats.
  • For those traveling first class, you can get personalized service and an extra space of 8 inches as compared to the main cabin. The seats recline up to 5.5 inches. You will get access to a device charging station for your electronics.
  • You can fly in the most exclusive cabin, Delta One, and enjoy luxury in the sky. The seats turn into a 180-degree flatbed; you can access the aisle and get your bedding. The meals will be chef-curated, and alcoholic drinks will be served to you for free throughout the flight. Inflight entertainment is excellent, and you can quickly charge your devices on the outlets.

Bottom Line

The information above will help you choose an airline between Delta and JetBlue. If you require any other help, you can contact the airline via the official website.

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