How Do I Speak to a Live Person at Allegiant Air?

How can I talk to someone at Allegiant customer service? 

Numerous customers want to contact Allegiant customer services, and they look for the contact information to talk to somebody at Allegiant customer services; dial 1 (702) 505-8888 after an automated voice responds to their call, then need to stay on the phone line and wait to obtain information from live Allegiant Airlines customer services. 

What is the phone number for Allegiant member services?

Allegiant member services can be easily reached by dialing their dedicated phone number (702) 800-2088). The Allegiant member services team is poised to provide exceptional assistance if you have inquiries regarding your membership benefits, flight reservations, or any other travel-related concerns.

How do I file a baggage claim with Allegiant? 

Sometimes passengers traveling via Allegiant Airlines have complaints regarding their luggage, and they experience loss of baggage; then, they can claim by calling Allegiant during working time. Those who want to make baggage claims can call the number: 866-719-3910; also, they must provide luggage information. 

How do I email an Allegiant Air voucher? 

Allegiant Airlines Allows passengers to use travel vouchers for reservations and other flight services. You can email the airlines and seek assistance if you have their vouchers but need help making reservations. For this, you need to frame your voucher-related issue and also give complete details and send it to:

What are Allegiant Air customer service hours? 

Allegiant customer services are available 24/7. If they wish to purchase a ticket or have any flight-related concerns, they can hesitantly contact you using their preferred mode of communication; if phone lines are busy, customers can even email Allegiant Air. 

How do I complain to Allegiant Air? 

Many times after completing their trip with Allegiant customers who want to complain about the staff or other inflight experiences, those customers can either send a letter. For this, they are also expected to attach all the copies of relevant traveling documents and send them to the following: 

Customer Relations Department

PO Box 371730 Las Vegas, 

NV 89137

Why is Allegiant phone number busy? 

Many callers who wish to contact Allegiant customer services complain about the busy phone numbers. And they often look for the reasons for busy phone lines. If you are also looking for the possible reasons, then you can consider the following:

  • Sometimes due to insufficient staff, all calls are not attended to; hence customers experience busy phone lines.
  • Sometimes also due to network issues, phone channels are observed engaged.
  • If flights are delayed or canceled, the volume of calls also increases; hence phone numbers are found busy. 


After reading carefully the contact details mentioned in the above section, your question, “How do I talk to a person at Allegiant?” must have been cleared, and you now have a better idea to contact them and resolve your queries.

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