Which Airlines is Best Airlines to Fly to New Zealand?

Which is the best Airline to fly to New Zealand?

When the process of a journey to New Zealand has been in the making, you must have had numerous queries. To plan a perfect visit away from all the hurdles and inconveniences, it is mandatory to be informed accurately about the trip. Details include the best Airline to fly to New Zealand and tips and tricks to lower the trip's budget. However, the main concern is flight tickets, and only some airlines offer the best services at affordable prices. You can get through the other services, details, offers, or deals they are offering and accordingly book the flight tickets:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Emirates 
  3. Air New Zealand

Which is the best Airline in New Zealand?

The home Airline of New Zealand has been called Air New Zealand and is considered the best Airline in the world by AirlineRatings.com. With all its most prominent facilities, safety, customer service, the lowest number of cancellations, and the topmost flight facilities it has provided. It has beaten the previous winner, Emirates, which has always been appreciated for the flight journey it offers.

What airlines fly directly from the US to NZ?

Multiple airlines fly directly to New Zealand. You can choose the one you find most convenient and best according to their services, such as the baggage allowance, seat selection, food refreshments, inflight facilities, and how affordable the flights would be. We have mentioned the list of Airline that fly directly to New Zealand from the United States: 

  1. Air New Zealand
  2. Lufthansa Airlines
  3. Air Canada
  4. KLM
  5. American Airlines 
  6. Emirates
  7. United Airlines
  8. Virgin Atlantic
  9. Qantas Airways

Which Airline has the best first-class flights to New Zealand?

If you want to travel first class to New Zealand, you need clarification about which Airline has the best first-class services so it will be easy to make the flight reservation. Having a comfortable flight is essential to enjoy the trip. However, American Airlines holds the best first-class flights to New Zealand, and you will have a perfect journey with them, from food, entertainment, and seats to priority check-in and boarding. You will have free access to the VIP lounges and an extra baggage allowance.

How far in advance should you book flights to New Zealand?

Many airlines let you book flight tickets as early as 365 days before the flight. However, you can book the flight later as the plan changes. The tickets can be booked to New Zealand before two weeks as you will stay under the 24-hour policy, with free modifications.

What is the cheapest month to fly to New Zealand?

The most convenient thing is keeping the journey affordable within the budget. However, then travelling during the off-season will be the best decision. You will get the most affordable flight ticket with all the Airlines during January, February, and December.

How much is a flight from the US to New Zealand?

The flight cost depends on the class, ticket type, location, and time, which ranges from $500 to $900.


We have discussed all the required details that will help you choose the best Airline for a visit to New Zealand and make the journey pleasant and comfortable.

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