How Can I Contact Delta Airlines at Charlotte Airport?

How to contact Delta at Charlotte airport?

Delta Airlines provides multiple options for customers to contact at the Charlotte airport. Passengers can contact Delta at Charlotte Airport by dialing Delta airlines Charlotte airport phone number 800-221-1212, +1-808-751-1212. When you call this number, you'll be prompted to select the reason for your call, such as making a reservation, checking the flight status, or reporting a problem with your baggage. After selecting your option, you'll be connected with a Delta representative to assist you.

What terminal is Delta at Charlotte Douglas airport? 

Delta Airlines has located on the Concourse A terminal at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.

What time does the Delta counter open at CLT? 

The Delta counter opening time at the CLT Airport is from 9 am to 5 pm. So, you can reach there or contact them; they are always available for you.

Does Delta have curbside check-in at CLT airport? 

Delta Air Lines offers its passengers curbside check-in services at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). The curbside check-in area at CLT is located outside the main terminal building, near the departures area.

How do I contact Charlotte Airport? 

To take information about general inquiries at Charlotte Airport, dial +1(704) 359 4000 And, if you lose or find something at the airport, talk with the support person at +1(704) 359 4012.

How to contact Charlotte Airport baggage claim? 

To contact the Charlotte Airport for baggage claim, dial 704-359-8765. And speak to them, request a claim, share the information with them, and take your baggage claim from them quickly.

How long are the wait times at Charlotte airport? 

The wait times at the Charlotte airport are from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. 

What is Charlotte's TSA phone number?  

The TSA's phone number is 1-866-289-9673. Thus, while taking services regarding security-related information, any questions, or updates that you want to know from the live person, also, to get the information, you can ask about your queries and any information from the live agent by sending an email to


Additionally, if you are already at the Charlotte airport and need assistance, you can visit one of the Delta customer service Charlotte Airport desks or kiosks located at the airport. These desks are staffed by Delta representatives who can help with everything from rebooking flights to answering questions about Delta's policies and procedures.

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