Delta Airlines Baggage Policy & Fees Guide

What is Delta Airlines Baggage Policy? 

Here are the following all the Delta Airlines baggage policy that you can use to get the link with them, and below are the following that mentioned you need to know:-

  • You are not permitted to bring electronic gadgets on your flight or, if you carry them, turned off because of spontaneous activity and are not recharged. 
  • You can get small handbags for ladies, laptop bags, and other shopping items that are duty-free charges on baggage. 
  • The size of the checked bag is only allowed if the weight and size is at most 10 baggage; then you need to ship that in cargo.

How much luggage is allowed on Delta Airlines? 

The weight and height of the luggage is depend on the class that you have booked or travel. Below, the following total weight and height of the baggage are mentioned. You have to know about:

  • The checked-in baggage is more than 158/ 62 inches with the sum of length, width, and height. 
  • Ensure that the total weight of luggage in business class is at most 70 lb/ 32 kg. And in the economy, the bag weight will be 50lb/ 32 kg.

How many bags does Delta allow for free? 

To get the information related to bags that Delta allow for free and here are the following that are mentioned for you to know that in all the class that you are traveling, you can only take carry-on baggage like one personal item and one carry-on baggage allowed to carry without any charges for all the passenger. Personal item means that you can take a purse, laptop bag, or any other simple-size bags that fit underneath the seats in front of you.

Who gets free checked bags on Delta? 

If you need to know about the free checked bags on Delta Airlines is for premium cabin travelers, delta medallion members, and active duty military. Moreover, they offer up to two free checked bags to passengers that are traveling in first class, delta premium select, or Delta One. But for security, a fare sale or mistake fare, or premium cabin flights are charging the cost more than economy class. Also, if you are active military, then you can take up to 5 checked bags for free of cost.

How many free checked bags are on Delta Economy? 

There are only two free checked bags allowed on Delta economy, and to know the weight fi all there then, here are the following, you can take 2 free bags with the maximum weight of each bag will be 50 pounds, like 23 kg. Also, your bags must be 62 inches with total length + width+ height.

What is Delta's baggage fee? 

If you want to know Delta's baggage fee, then for that, here are the charges that apply between $30 to $100, depending on the fare type, origin, and destination. And there are no baggage charges for some routes and fare types. If you are traveling in Delta One, there are no baggage charges to any destinations for checking in.


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