How to Request a Seat Upgrade on Delta Airlines?

How can I upgrade my Delta seat after purchase?

If you don't choose the preferred seat during booking, Delta also allows you to upgrade the seat after purchase. For the Delta Airlines seat upgrade process, here are the steps one can follow:  

  • First, open a browser and access the official Delta Air Lines website.
  • Log in to your Delta SkyMiles account using your credentials.
  • Once logged in, locate the "My Trips" or "Manage Reservations" section on the website.
  • Enter your name and confirmation number or e-ticket number to retrieve your reservation.
  • Select the ticket you wish to upgrade and Review the available upgrade options. Choose the upgrade option that suits your preferences and budget.
  • Now follow the ongoing instructions, and you will soon receive a confirmation of your seat upgrade.

Can you upgrade with Delta at the gate?

Yes, upgrading your seat with Delta at the gate is possible, subject to availability. Delta offers a program called Delta Standby Upgrade, which allows eligible passengers to request an upgrade at the gate on their flight's departure day. This option is available for flights within the United States and select international flights.

Can you get upgraded to Delta Basic Economy? 

Delta Basic Economy fares generally do not come with the option for complimentary seat upgrades. However, there may be circumstances in which an upgrade on a ticket for Basic Economy, depending on your eligibility and the availability of seats in higher classes, by paying a certain fee and miles.

What is Delta Airlines' seat upgrade policy?

  • Depending on availability and eligibility, Delta offers upgrades to higher classes, such as First Class or Delta One.
  • Upgrades can be requested through different methods, including using SkyMiles, bidding on upgrades, or paying with a combination of cash and SkyMiles.
  • Delta One Up is a program where eligible passengers can bid on an upgrade to Delta One.
  • Same-day standby upgrades may be available at the gate, subject to availability.
  • Per Delta Airlines' seat upgrade policy, Delta Basic Economy fares typically do not include complimentary seat upgrades, but additional options may be available for a fee.

Do Delta upgrades cost money?

The cost of upgrading on Delta Airlines can vary depending on several factors, including the route, class of service, availability, and the specific upgrade method chosen. If you upgrade to Delta Comfort, you should pay a fee of around $50 - $100. In terms of miles, it is about 1 cent per mile and around 400-5000 SkyMiles to upgrade any Delta flight.

Are Delta upgrade fees refundable?

Delta Airlines' upgrade fees are generally non-refundable once the upgrade has been processed. Once you have paid for an upgrade or used SkyMiles for an upgrade, the associated fees or miles used are typically non-refundable, even if you later want to cancel or change your travel plans.

How do I change my Delta upgrade preferences? 

If you want to change your Delta Upgrade preference, visit the My Trip section on the website or speak to the Delta team directly. You can access your booking details first and then choose the ticket you wish to change your upgrade preference for. Then proceed with the change upgrade option and follow the prompts to complete the procedure. Moreover, Delta agents are always there in case you get stuck.

How far in advance can I request an upgrade on Delta?

You can request an upgrade on Delta if you are a medallion member and get unlimited complimentary Delta upgrade request to comfort+ and first class to all routes. You can request an upgrade in advance when you reach medallion tier status.

  • So, If you are a Silver Medallion, you can request an upgrade in advance within 24 hours before flight departure.   
  • Diamond or Platinum Medallion can request an upgrade within five days before flight departure.
  • Gold Medallion can request an upgrade within 72 hours before flight departure.

How can I get a free upgrade to first class on Delta?

Get a free upgrade to first class on Delta if you have general SkyMiles membership with a Delta SkyMiles reserve card or its business card. If you have a medallion status SkyMiles number, you may get unlimited complimentary upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort+ conveniently.

How to request a free upgrade on Delta?

If you want to know how to request a free upgrade, start with the steps.

  • First, visit Delta Airlines and select my trip section on the same page.
  • Select the upgrade section, request a Delta comfort+ upgrade, and checkmark the boxes.
  • You can request a free upgrade if your seat preferences are available finally.   

How do I contact Delta for an upgrade?

You can simply dial the phone number at 1 800 800 1504 and contact a Delta Agent to request an upgrade promptly.

How to get a free upgrade to Delta One?

Flying in Delta One, Delta's premium business class cabin, is a desirable experience. If you want a Delta Airlines seat upgrade for free, enroll in Delta's SkyMiles loyalty program and earn elite status, which comes with complimentary upgrades. Some Delta credit cards or loyalty tiers also offer upgrade certificates. You can also participate in Delta's Upgrade with Miles program or dress professionally to make a positive impression and receive a complimentary upgrade.

Can you ask for a Delta upgrade at the gate?

Yes! You can ask for a delta upgrade at the gate. Delta mainly processes upgrades before passengers arrive based on elite status and availability. However, you can politely request an upgrade at the gate. The agents at the gate have the authority to process upgrades depending on seat availability, operational considerations, and elite status. 

How far in advance can I request an upgrade on Delta? 

Delta Air Lines allows passengers to request upgrades in advance based on their Medallion elite status or via Upgrade Certificates. Diamond and Platinum Medallion members can request upgrades during purchase, while Gold Medallion members can do so 72 hours before departure. Silver Medallion members can request upgrades 24 hours before departure. 

Can you ask an airline for a free upgrade?

It is possible to ask an airline for a free upgrade politely. Airlines may grant complimentary upgrades for various reasons. Being polite, dressing appropriately, and displaying loyalty as a frequent flyer might increase your chances of receiving a free upgrade.

Why can't i upgrade my seat on Delta?

If you have purchased a basic Economy ticket, you are not eligible to upgrade your seat on Delta Airlines.


You will understand how Delta Airlines' seat upgrade works by reading the information above. If you still face any issues or need further details, speak to the Delta agent directly or visit the upgrade page on the Delta website.

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