How Do I Choose My Seat on KLM Airlines?

How can you pick a seat on KLM?

When an individual possesses a booking at KLM and on their flight they wish to pick a seat of their choice, they can take the privilege of the "Seat Selection" option on the site. Here are the instructions for picking a seat on your reserved flight:

  • You will need to first head to the website of KLM Airlines,
  • Shift on the "My Trips" page,
  • You have to log in to your account, or you may select "Log in with booking details."
  • After that, you can find your trip by entering your booking code and name,
  • In the trip details page, you can locate the "Seat Selection" option,
  • Pick the seat you like in the KLM flight seat map,
  • To proceed, you need to choose an online payment option,
  • After paying the applicable seat selection charges, the preferred seat will be assigned to your reservation booked at KLM Airlines.

What is KLM's seat selection policy? 

To get your preferred seating on a KLM Airlines flight, one must know the imposed policies before selecting seats. Read the KLM seat selection policy here:

  • The seat selection is allowed until the flight check-in is completed at KLM.
  • The standard charges will be applied for the advance seat selection on your flight.
  • Priority will be given to the business class passengers and the frequent flyer members for the seat selection. 
  • If there is a prior seat selection until the flight check-in, KLM will randomly assign you a seat that can be changed later.

Does KLM allow free seat selection? 

KLM allows free seat selection only at the time of check-in at the airport. A passenger can get the preferred seat from the availability of unassigned seats while completing the check-in procedure. However, the free advance seat selection option is available for the premium members of KLM Airlines.

How much does KLM charge for seat selection?

The charges for selecting a seat on a KLM flight are based on the fare type and the destination. However, on average, the seat selection fee is USD 21 to USD 90. The fee also will be charged according to the seat you opt for on the flight.

What are the best seats in the KLM economy? 

Typically, the window seats are the best in the KLM economy. If you want extra legroom, opting for the front seats in the cabin is advised as it has vast leg space. If you have a long haul with KLM, the 4-5 seats at the back will be more comfortable.

Does KLM seat families together?

KLM Airlines tries to seat the families together on the flight from their end, but it is only sometimes possible to assign seats to all the members together on the flight due to the advanced seating option. If you wish to get seated with your family, you must opt for the seat selection option when booking.


If you want a seat of your choice on your KLM flight after making the reservation or want a specific seat, you can follow the KLM seat selection procedure and get the seat you want. Depending on the different conditions, the seat selection charge will be applicable for the same.

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