Air Canada Group Travel Bookings: Discounted Fares

What is the phone number for Air Canada group bookings?

Air Canada offers different booking options such as one-way, round trip, group booking, etc. If you are looking to travel in a group with Air Canada, before booking, you want any information related to the airline policies, charges, documents needed to travel, etc. You can approach the customer service team using this Air Canada group bookings phone number (1-866-529-2079). After that, you need to choose the language, and the representative will take your call to help you.

How do I book a flight for a group on Air Canada?

If you want to make the group reservation on Air Canada, you can use their official website, and if you are looking for the complete process, you can use the points mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of the Air Canada official website. 
  • Then tap on the group reservation option, and doing this, a form form will appear. 
  • In that form, you must provide the destination name, departure airport name, travel dates, contact information, etc.
  • Submit that form, and the representatives will contact you with your details. 
  • They will inform you about the available flight form; you must choose at your convenience.

Does Air Canada have group rates?

Yes, Air Canada offers its travelers the option of group rates in which they provide discounted fares for travelers traveling in a group, no matter whether they are traveling on an international or domestic route.

How far in advance should I book an Air Canada group flight?

Air Canada allows their travelers to make the reservation period 11 months before the departure date. Still, if any traveler is looking to make a group booking, they will get the best fares if they book the flight before 07 months of the departure date.

Is it cheaper to book a flight as a group?

Yes, group travel is always cheaper than individual bookings, as you can take advantage of reduced fares, deals, offers, etc. But sometimes, the charges for group reservations will vary depending on the season of the destination. If you are traveling in high season, then the charges are high.

What are the advantages of group booking flights?

Group reservation is beneficial in multiple ways, and if you need more information about those advantages, you must go through the points below.

  • Easy-Modification: After making the bookings, if you want to make any changes, you can do it without charges or at nominal fares.
  • Flexible payment options: You will not need to pay the booking amount; you can make the part payment, which is around 30% of the total fare, and the rest of the amount until the departure date.
  • Deals or offers: Air Canada offers different packages, offers, etc, on group travel, which will make your travel more convenient and enjoyable. 


With the above information, you will know about the Air Canada group bookings, but if you want any other details, you can visit their official website.

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