How can I check my flight booking? Find Reservation Number

How to Check Flight Reservation?

If you book your flight with any particular airline and later want to check the reservation, there are several ways. If you wonder how to check flight reservations, you can opt for any of the options below.

Check your reservation online: If you book the flight directly from the airline, you can check the reservation online anytime. It is one of the most convenient ways to check your reservation. You can access your booking details and then select the ticket you wish to view.

By calling the contact center: You can also directly call the customer care team and ask about your reservation. Provide the details the support team asks, and you are good to go.

What is the PNR number on the flight ticket?

PNR, short for Passenger Name Record, is a digital certificate that lets travelers quickly check in online and maintains their reservations. Passenger Name Record is a six-character code used as a booking number (letters and numbers are used together).

How do I know my flight ticket is confirmed?

  • You get a confirmation email from the airline whenever your booking is confirmed. You can check that email and find out if the booking is confirmed or not.
  • The other way, call the airline directly and provide the contact details and other required information for the support team to check if your booking is confirmed.
  • You can also visit the airline's official website and log in to your account. Access your booking details, and you can get the information from there.

Can I find my flight with just my name?

No! You cannot find your flight online using just your name. Besides, the airline support team can also not help you with this. You must need other information like confirmation number, reservation code, dates, etc.

How do I check my flight ticket online?

To check your flight ticket online, follow the quick steps below.

  • In the first step, go to the official website of the airline.
  • You can then log in to your account or visit the manage booking section.
  • Provide booking details confirmation number and last name
  • Retrieve your booking details.
  • Select the ticket you want to check, and click the view button.

How can I find my flight reservation number?

The reservation number helps to identify your booking. You can find it in your e-ticket receipt or itinerary where it says "reference." It is located mainly on the right side of the flight number on your e-ticket.

Can I find my flight reservation without a confirmation number?

Yes! The best way is to call the airline directly on their reservation number. Customer support will find your reservation using the last name and travel dates. Else you can also provide them with your registered email id/phone number, and they can check their record to find your reservation.

How can you check your flight reservation status?

You can check the reservation status via the Manage My Booking tab, where you have to provide all the details such as ticket reference number, name, etc., after which you can find the flight status. 

How do I check my flight seat booking? 

If you want to check the flight seat booking, you can adopt the following measures:

  • Visit the official website of the airline concerned. 
  • Enter all the ticket details, such as PNR number, name, etc., and search your itinerary.  
  • Go to your flight and click on “Seat selection.” 
  • There, you can view the seat bookings. If you have not done so, select the seat. 

How do I check my flight e-ticket number? 

The flight e-ticket number can be checked on the ticket. The placement of the e-ticket number is right below your name, which will be labeled “TKT.” However, you may also find it on the registered email address. If you are not able to do so, you can simply dial your concerned airline’s phone number. 

Do I need to print out my itinerary ticket?

Having a printout of your itinerary ticket is not mandatory. However, some airlines strictly ask you to bring hard copies. Hence, approach your concerned airline about the procedures. 

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