How Can I Track My Lost Baggage? Get Compensation

How do I recover my lost luggage?

If your luggage is lost after the check-in, then you can recover your lost luggage by connecting with the official representatives of the airlines. If somehow you are unable to connect, then you need to go to the airline's desk available at the airport and tell them about the luggage lost. You can also fill out the lost luggage complaint form on the airline's official website.

What happens when your luggage is delayed?

When you successfully check-in with your luggage but due to airline issues, you do not receive the bags on time, or if your luggage is late for more than nine to ten hours, you will apply for compensation. You will also get the option to file the complaint on the official website of the airlines or via sending mail.

How long does it take to get lost baggage?

It usually takes some time to get the lost luggage, depending on the route, destination, and airline. Some airlines will provide you with your lost luggage within three to four days, but sometimes it takes one week after filling the lost baggage complaint to get the baggage back. 

Can you get compensation for delayed baggage?

Yes, you will receive compensation if you complete the check-in and will not get your baggage. You need to file the compensation by visiting the website of the airlines. It is good if you have complete information about the procedure, but if you want to know the step-by-step information, then you need to follow the process below. 

  • Search the official website of the airlines in your suitable search engine. 
  • After this, you need open the contact us page 
  • Then you need to open the compensation form.
  • Next, you need to fill out the flight details like the date and timings of the flight.
  • Following this, you must mention the passenger details like complete name, contact number, and mail id. 
  • Further, you must give your lost baggage information, like the number of bags, other items, etc., and submit that form. 
  • Last you will get a mail of successfully applying for compensation. 

How much do airlines pay for lost baggage?

The amount you will get will count as per the number of things lost, and if you do not lose anything but your luggage is damaged, you will also get compensation. If you have a query like Can I track my lost baggage? So yes, you can track your luggage only after filling out the form. If you have international bookings, you will get the maximum amount between 3000USD to 3200USD. If you have the bookings to any domestic destination, you will be liable to get the 1500USD to 1800USD as per the compensation.

How long is baggage considered lost? 

Although different airlines may have different baggage loss policies, most airlines generally declare a bag lost between 5 and 14 days after the flight. However, connecting with your airline to get the correct information is always advisable. Typically, the airline has 21 days to find your missing baggage, and if they find it, you can report delayed baggage report.

How do I get compensated for delayed luggage?

To get compensated for delayed baggage, you have to submit a delayed baggage report to the airline. The report can be raised by filing out a form to the airline, calling the airline's customer care executive, or visiting the airline's help desk at the airport. 

Remember: To report delayed baggage; you must have the PNR number and the passenger's last name.

How long does it take for delayed luggage to be delivered?

The airlines take three to seven days to deliver your delayed baggage to your place. However, if your luggage is lost, your chance of returning it becomes half after 15 days of the flight.

How do I track my lost luggage?

When you submit your lost baggage report, the airline will provide you with a track lost baggage numberIt will be helpful if you call the airline to track your baggage or use your airline's baggage tracking page. 

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