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How do I manage my booking on Singapore Airlines? 

If there is something that you like to change or add to your existing flight ticket at Singapore Airlines, you can manage the booking with the help of the following process:

  • Head to the website of Singapore Airlines,
  • Pick the "Manage Booking" tab on the web page,
  • Now manually put the reserved flight info or log your account,
  • The itinerary will be open in a moment,
  • Now you have to look for the required option underneath the details,
  • By choosing the option, you will receive the important prompts,
  • And after that, your booking will be managed as needed.

How the Singapore Airlines Manage my booking work? 

Singapore Airlines manage my booking option, manages the exciting booking as per the flight ticket holder's request, and provides flexibility to the passengers. After managing the booking, your itinerary changes as required, and you can travel as suitable at Singapore Airlines.

What is Singapore Airlines' manage booking policy? 

If you wonder about the policy for Singapore Airlines, manage to book, read the below points:

  • The manage booking option allows a person to change the itinerary, cancel the ticket if needed, add assistance for the journey, or choose their preferred seat.
  • The manage booking option is open up until the departure of your flight. 
  • If the passenger has booked the flight ticket of Singapore Airlines with a third party, they may not be allowed to use the manage booking option. 
  • Some fares are not applicable for changes or edits. Hence, you could not take advantage of Singapore Airlines' managed booking option. 
  • There may be some charges applied when you choose to manage your booking.

How do I check my flight reservation on Singapore Airlines? 

Your reservation for the Singapore Airlines flight can be checked on the "Manage Booking" section on the official site. There you need to log in with your registered account of yours, and the reserved itinerary will open on the page. You can also consider checking the confirmation email of the flight booking and getting the reservation details.

Where is PNR on the Singapore Airlines ticket? 

The PNR is a 10-digit number that is mentioned on your flight ticket. You can check out your PNR at the top of the ticket.

How to check if my ticket is confirmed or not on Singapore Airlines? 

You need to check the PNR Status for checking if your Singapore Airlines flight ticket is confirmed or not. For the same, you have to adhere to this process:

  • Go to the Manage Booking tab of Singapore Airlines,
  • Put the booking reference number and passenger's name,
  • Then do your search to access the itinerary,
  • You will see the status mentioned there if it's confirmed or waiting.


Hence, now you must be aware of Singapore Airlines manage booking feature and what its policies and requirements are. Following the mentioned process, you can add or change things to your existing booking.

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